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Monofocal lenses offer no benefits over any other type beyond their price.They won’t correct astigmatism and will necessitate various pairs of glasses for any daily task. Those are the five different types of IOLs that we offer at Laser Care Eye Center.The only drawback to the Symfony lens is that they do not handle close-range distances well, and will necessitate reading glasses.These lenses are the most basic of replacement lenses you can use for cataract surgery.The only downside to Re STOR is that it can take some time (in some cases up to a few months) for your brain to adapt to your new source of vision.Toric lenses are mono-focal lenses that correct both cataracts and astigmatism, unlike the majority of other lens types that only correct issues related to cataracts.




This prospective, randomized study included 19 eyes of 11 patients (4 men, 8 women).

Crystalens can flex with those same muscles, allowing the patient not to need reading glasses in many cases.


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