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If you one day dream of becoming a Jonin (or even a Chunin) then you're probably well-versed in Naruto knowledge. All of these people have earned the title of Hokage.

But that doesn't mean they earned their place with ease.

Even if you've only seen a few episodes of you'll know this. We all know how Naruto's life in Shippuden went, but this is long before that. Remember when Naruto was running through the trees without the weight of the entire world (literally) on his shoulders? To date, there have been seven official Hokage, as temporary ones have never counted. Although each of these Konohagakure residents in the answers have become Hokage at one time or another, we want to know which one has been Hokage the most.

But what we have in store for you is only for those who are real Naruto fans. We're not talking about which one has been Hokage the longest, but rather, who has been Hokage most often.

He is no doubt the absolute best at many different jutsu, but only a few really stand out.

Which of these people has never been seriously considered for Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village?Save for one young boy, back after the Third Great War Shinobi War, one man massacred his entire clan.



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