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C., the cities with the nation’s highest populations of working millennial Muslims.

Anne Haque, a strategy consultant, felt a similar need for alternative methods of dating, so she organized a Muslim singles’ luncheon.

But for young American Muslims, whose parents and grandparents adhered to more traditional and strict family obligations in dating, or had arranged marriages, the pull of familial expectations can be strong.

Canadian sociologist Arshia Zaidi, author of a study of Pakistani women in the United States and Canada, finds that the younger generation has shifted away from the strict family obligations their parents and grandparents may have adhered to.

The source also noted that Holmes' 12-year-old daughter, Suri -- whom she shares with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise -- was a big fan of his.“Jamie took the ladies out to Serendipity [in the Upper East Side of NY] for Katie’s birthday," the source said.

"It was so sweet, it seemed like he really wanted to make the night special. Jamie is a gentleman and he knows how important Katie’s family is to her.

reported that Foxx declared he was "single" during a charity Oscars gala in Beverly Hills on Feb. A source told the outlet, "While he was referring to married and single couples, he just dropped the line 'I'm single.'"Of course, Holmes and Foxx have been romantically linked since August 2013, but have never confirmed their romance, or arrived together at a public event. Late last December, they were photographed kissing while on a luxury yacht in Miami, Florida.

Earlier that month, a source told ET that Foxx celebrated Holmes’ 40th birthday with her and her mother, Kathleen.


In 2015, she launched the dating app ESHQ —“love” in Farsi.

Prior to the breakup, Omar said her fiancé asked if she wanted to be a housewife.

“That’s not the type of life I want,” she told him.

Looks like Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are still very much together.

The pair was snapped taking a stroll by Central Park in New York City on Tuesday before they visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art.On a rainy New York night, Chelsa Cheyenne holds onto her peach-colored shayla, a scarf covering all but an inch of her hair, and ducks into a pizzeria in the West Village.


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