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Dears, We have 0365 accounts for 15 staff and I need to send an backdated email to one of the email accounts, so I changed my computer date and time to the required old date and sent the mail from outlook, the mail has been backdated in the outlook and went into the older email list,but when I have checked the receiver account outlook and OWA, the mail was downloaded as new to the current date, then checked sender OWA and it's listing in the older email section in the sent items folder,but the date was not backdated then I moved to another folder under inbox then it showed backdated, so kindly share with me your experiance on this.

Regards, F Time timestamp is generated by the server, not the client.

If the PDC in the forest root domain goes offline or malfunctions, time synchronization issues in your AD forest could result in log-on failures.

On a standalone server you might need to set the date and time manually.

Time is synchronized in an Active Directory forest in a top-down hierarchical manner, starting with the domain controller that holds the Primary Domain Controller (PDC) role in the forest root domain.



Long time developer at Microsoft, Raymond Chen explains (much of the entire post in summary): When the system looks for a driver to use for a particular piece of hardware, it ranks them according to various criteria.

If you're trying to create an email that you were supposed to send at an earlier date but forgot to in another user's mailbox, this is technically impossible to do in Office 365.


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