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though there is no body of evidence to support this.

Another criticism is that because The Rules advise rarely returning phone calls and other such hard-to-get dating methods, some men may have trouble telling the difference between a woman who is genuinely not interested (or not interested anymore) and one who is genuinely interested, thus leading to misunderstandings and stalkers; not only for women using The Rules, but any man who believes all women are playing similar games even when they are not.

Here, gay men are normalized as part of the American army that’s always existed, all soldiers just trying to cope.

by Hermann Hesse There will always be a soft spot in my heart for Hesse.

Baxter is a writers’ writer and a readers’ writer, and reading this collection will show the power of a story and how it can build connections between people. Dante is responsible for modern conceptualizations of Hell, the first writer to portray it as a physical place, with an ordered structure.

To give you an idea of how detailed this book is, people at the time actually believed that Dante went on this journey through Hell.

by Rene Denfeld With social justice and prison reform rightly in the public’s focus, read this novel by Denfeld, a woman who works as a death penalty investigator.

This book finds humanity in what many people consider to be the worst of us – death row convicts – and shows that in the end, we are all still human.


She sends the pagan poet Virgil to guide him through Hell so that he can right his ways and get to Heaven.

There is also some great content in here about masculinity and the old-fashioned idea of what Makes A Man, through her reflections on her father. by Hassan Blasim While there has been a good flow of quality literature from veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (notably Brian Turner, Phil Klay, and Kevin Powers), it’s important to remember that there are two sides to every war, and this hard-hitting book comes from an Iraqi perspective. An important story that will expand how you think about war. Easily one of the best books of the last 50 years and just as timely as when it was written. The name refers to a place where American soldiers congregated in Naples to unwind and, yes, have sex with each other.


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