Billionaires club dating service

He missed marriage twice because he “wasn’t ready,” she says.

Those two women had given him ultimatums: put a ring on it or she’s gone.

He believes that his real wealth comes from being in touch with who he is.

He loves movies, music, dining out, dressing up for special events, sun tanning and walks. Looking for: A woman who is both conservative and sexy.

Noël describes him as authentic, down-to-earth, solid in his values, honest, trustworthy, and reliable.

He thrives on intimacy, loves real conversations where honest feelings are shared.


It’s a tall order for certified matchmaker Natacha Noël, who runs Montreal-based date-coaching and matchmaking service Absolute Bachelor Club.

“I don’t want to meet so-and-so, the hairdresser’s son who knows whoever from around the corner,” she says.


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