Bisexual women dating in anchorage

I’m considering attending UAA, particularly because of being Alaskan Native and wanting to be closer to culture. But, I can tell you that public transportation is awful and the budget is continuing to shrink so bis routes have recently been significantly cut back.



Primarily method of seeing lots of queers will be Grindr and Scruff, and just like Seattle most of them will be stand offish so just keep positive. So have a backup plan for getting home if you go out to the bars. We're a red state, BUT AK didn't vote for Trump in the last election (they voted another Republican candidate.) Bar scene is shmeh.Get a decent coat, dress in layers, wear beanies and ski masks when it's cold, invest in good gloves. Get a set for ~20F-~40F and get a heavier set for when it's colder or when it snows.


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