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Gibbon House Located in Greenwich, NJ, the Gibbon House was built as a replica of a London townhouse in 1730 by Nicholas Gibbon.

The house and barn are restored and historically furnished, functioning as museums of daily nineteenth-century life.

Hancock House Located in Lower Alloways Township the William H.

Hancock House was built in 1734 and is “an excellent example of English Quaker patterned end wall brick houses associated with the lower Delaware Valley and Southwestern New Jersey.

Benjamin Franklin’s “Gingerbread House,” the flight of Aaron Burr, the Witch’s Tree), a calendar of events, a listing of historic sites found in other county towns, a map of the historic district, self-guided and arranged tours, and information on other attractions and amenities to be found in the town.

East Point Lighthouse The second-oldest lighthouse in NJ (built in 1849), the East Point Lighthouse is located on the Maurice River and was used to guide those entering the river from the Delaware Bay.


New Jersey State Historic Sites Part of the NJDEP Parks and Forestry website, this page lists NJ state-owned historic sites with descriptions and contact information.On their site can be found a map of the village with pictures and descriptions of each building, sample group and individual walking tours, information on student and adult apprenticeships, distance learning programs, nineteenth-century cooking recipes, instructions on how to make a corn husk or hankerchief doll and a kite, a calendar of events, FAQs, village-related news, an online store, and links to local and related sites and attractions.


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