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Cost: General admission is Look every bit the mad scientist intent on drowning the earth in sweet, chemical rosé you always wanted to be in the Rosé Mansion’s capital-P Pink, beaker filled “fermentation room,” where you’ll at least appear to know something about summer’s favorite wine.

Cost: General Admission is It must be summertime, because here’s another one that’ll transport you to international waters.

Cost: General admission is The Everybody Knows Bob pop-up opened just weeks ago and boldly purports to be “the first ever art exhibit that presents pop art in an interactive and entertaining way” on its website.

A pink faux-rose throne, a perch made of realistic-enough looking cash, and toilet beneath a neon sign that reads “DO EPIC SHIT” each seem to speak to a different truth about this whole endeavor in their own little way. Like its Instagrammable kin, Wonder World fulfills the legal pop-up requirement to have ball pit suitably sized to accommodate one or more humans, plus a you-sized crescent moon fit for lounging like you’re in the maw of the Cheshire Cat, about to be swallowed alive.

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You need people to look at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat to see you looking at stuff.

Hitch a ride on the Bronx Zoo’s The United States’ only museum dedicated to the humble poster, Poster House has graphics dating back to the advent of the medium in the 1880s through today.

And among the works from all over the world, you can greenscreen your way into iconic posters and see yourself as “Rosie the Riveter,” the 50-Foot Woman, or the human half of J. Cost: ; postcard-sized prints are are worth a shot.

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legal(at)sharpedezine(dot)com This site is owned and operated by Sharpe Dezine BV, The Netherlands.The exhibit harks back to Minujín’s similarly named 1965 piece, which was decades ahead of our current immersive experience obsessed climate.


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