Can dating a younger man work

Apparently, men their own age just take them to boring restaurants and then back home to bed for bland sex, after which they immediately fall asleep without a round 2. Older women have experience and know what they like.

This translates into older women being better in bed.

Contrary to common belief, all older women aren’t frantically looking to settle down, get married, and have kids.

This is especially true of recently-divorced older women who just want to have fun, have a few hot flings, and focus on themselves for a while before getting back into a serious relationship.

Instead, older women have begun to reverse the trend and are looking for men.

One study found that 70% of women over 35 years would like a younger man.

As The Date Report points out, younger women tend to travel in herds.

If you want to ask a younger girl out, she’s got to check it with 15 of her friends first.


Don’t be surprised if the older woman wants to “pamper you” by paying for dinner or buying you that new suit you need for your job interview.

While there are certainly dramatic older women, most older women have their shit together.

They know what they want, what they expect, and aren’t afraid to tell you outright.

Younger men are a lot less likely to have baggage like ex wives and kids.

For an older woman who wants her freedom and to have fun, this can be important.As much as we like to say things like “only love matters,” the truth is that outside factors can have an influence on our relationships, such as in interracial dating.


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