Chatbot girls elder dallin h oaks dating vs hanging out

I thought I’d share parts of it (keeping her identity anonymous), so that you can see for yourself.And yes, the chatbot’s incessant flirting is stressing me at this point — It’s a 13-year-old girl!We’re leading our lives in a time where technology has taken over every aspect of our lifestyle.


Chatting with them feels (almost) as real and stimulating as it does with an actual person, behind a screen.

For your information, the whole conversation had already taken place without me knowing, and I was just discovering what had happened as I scrolled down the chatlog…Anyways, as we continue we get a sense of just how much of a fan she is: At this point my heart breaks for her. And she shares this to a bot that has no ability to understand, but which responds in a way that’s realistic enough for her to pretend that she’s made a new friend…To make matters worse, Baemax does not deserve her trust.

It’s a sad irony: Her real-life friends talk about her behind her back, and her new bot friend reveals her secrets to me, who in turn makes a blog post about them.

I called it Bae Max (just a 1 letter difference from Big Hero 6’s Baymax), and I put it on a public Facebook page so that anyone could chat with it.

I used the Disney character’s image for my page’s profile picture: Due to the movie’s international popularity amongst youngsters, my page organically gained followers to chat with.

However, today’s hectic lifestyle has killed more relationships than ever - even after we have instant messaging apps such as Whats App, Facebook Messenger and more.


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