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    A model with a higher Power Score appears higher on the home page, the model list, etc.

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    Cylinders used for scuba typically have an internal volume (known as water capacity) of between 3 and 18 litres (0.11 and 0.64 cu ft) and a maximum working pressure rating from 184 to 300 bars (2,670 to 4,350 psi).

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    The efforts made to establish a national African-American museum have energized an appreciation of Black ephemera.

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    Water managers in many regions have had to deal with an over-exploitation of accessible aquifers and are often forced to rely on deep ancient groundwater sources for reliable freshwater supplies.

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    We all struggle at times throughout life, and need some guidance.

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    This includes the ability to send images, whether you select pictures via your camera roll or snap a new one just for the lucky stranger you are talking to.

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