Chris rene melanie amaro dating

There are birds flying everywhere on the screen as R. The difference between this duet and the last two duets is out of control. Kelly are actually complimenting each other vocally, each one appreciating the other. This is what happens when you have two singers capable of harmonizing. Will familiarity breed contempt or will Chris get well-deserved points for standing by his original composition. Chris is banking his “X Factor” future on “Homie Whatcha Trippin’ On,” the original he introduced us to back in his audition. A performance from the Cirque du Soleil cast of “Immortal”? Of pretentious, flexible Canadian circus performers.



Burrito Josh notes that there’s no second place prize.

Not-so-strangely, the song wasn’t all that well suited to Burrito Josh’s voice, but it’s PERFECT for Alanis, who immediately steals the spotlight, in part because she’s looking fantastic. Reid calls “Jagged Little Pill” his favorite album of all time and says Josh and Alanis were a perfect fit. Burrito Josh’s grandmother in Wooster, Ohio is very proud of Josh.


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