Commercial property specialist accommodating florida


Specific topics include lease agreements, security deposits, sublets and rent control.Time is also spent on fair housing laws and laws specific to the state in which one would become a property manager.Specific topics covered may include: heating and ventilation, plumbing, building security, electrical systems and air conditioning.Commercial buildings are the ones that house businesses, organizations or corporations.A commercial property management course covers topics in financing commercial properties, real estate and leasing contracts.Students learn general business management techniques for commercial property in addition to physical management functions, such as building upkeep and tenant relations.Whether they oversee commercial or residential properties, all property managers will have relationships with a variety of tenants.The many laws that have been developed to protect tenants and property managers are discussed within this class.

Leasing laws for commercial and residential properties may vary slightly; this course covers all areas of these regulations.

A professional certificate in property management may be taken as a stand-alone certificate or as part of an overall real estate or facilities management program.

In some cases, property managers will need to obtain a license; professional credentials also exist, such as the Certified Property ManagersĀ® (CPM) designation.

Time may also be spent on commercial property sale and marketing techniques.


Residential properties are those in which individuals reside.

In addition, if your property needs a mold inspection or other high-impact specialized inspection, we may recommend also bringing in additional experienced experts who are specifically licensed for that type of work.


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