Companionship vs dating


Sometimes life's circumstances preclude having a relationship and it's not necessarily a lack of desire for one.I had some mental health problems that landed me on disability.It takes considerable time, luck, and overall resources (emotional included) and I just can't justify parting with all of those things for something that isn't a guarantee in the least, not even 1%.People are reliably unreliable, insufferable, and untrustworthy - like a massive majority of them, so devoting all of that effort towards a shitty group of people for no measurable rate of long term positive success just seems idiotic to me.

They found that there were a few available women I met the qualifications they were looking for but because they had never really had many significant relationships they didn't really know how to handle relationships with them.If that is the only way other people can justify if they are happy or not, they have some deeper issues. I'm a little younger than you but a similar experience.


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