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Crossgate is Europe's largest EDI exchange by transaction volume, and is rapidly growing in the Americas.This announcement, made at SAP's Tech Ed Berlin, caught many industry folks by surprise.SAP will likely drive much of Crossgate’s strategy in the future."In another paper by analysts Maureen Fleming and Jeff Silverstein from IDC called, , IDC writes, "Crossgate is fast becoming a disruptive vendor in the business-to-business (B2B) market.In essence, B2B 360 is the default choice (of SAP)." They listed the following key points as reasons SAP customers were using Crossgate's EDI and B2B managed services: Geoffrey Moore, author of “Crossing the Chasm” and managing director at TCG Advisors said the following about SAP's investment in Crossgate, “In a world where business networks are emerging as a new unit of industry competition, the gating item has been business network-enabling systems.

Malinverno describes it this way, "SAP is finally making a more decisive move into the B2B infrastructure market, compared with prior B2B alliances, which were only focused on reselling third-party technology.

Prior to this announcement SAP had left EDI and B2B issues up to their customers and third party EDI vendors to resolve.

This announcement unveils a new strategy and paradigm for EDI and B2B connectivity for SAP users.

Leo answered, "Our decision to invest in Crossgate is a very important step towards and called this investment, "...a decisive move into the business-to-business infrastructure market." He explained SAP's strategy as follows, "The declared objective of this transaction is to keep the strategies of the two companies aligned.

However, the main effects will be for SAP to have an out-of-the-box B2B (EDI) services connectivity solution...

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