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Bri entered the room and turned the phone so I could see too. Kristi was on her hands and knees as Derrick fucked her doggy style. Grunting between words, she reacted, "I don't care, I don't fucking care, you and Derrick own my body now. Therefore, I nearly missed the queue that Bri had just given. " Still from off-screen, but with an obvious smirk as indicated by in her tone, Bri replied, "Oh, you'll find out." Again, in motion, the viewpoint changed as Bri crawled onto the bed and spread her legs before my wife's face.He was tensed up as he hammered my sweet little wife like a jackhammer against reinforced concrete. The strangeness of her tone and the placement of the word 'call' in her statement, brought me back to the present. Gripping Kristi's hair and pulling it harshly, she forced my wife to slow down her own frantic fucking.As we approached, the vocals again indicated that they were, indeed, going at it again. Bri spoke to her with command authority, "That's a good whore. Bri released her hair, laughed heartily and said, "Good girl, very good girl. Derrick, I think you can make that call you want." Derrick muttered, "oh yessss," but I don't think Kristi was even listening any more.This time, I knew what to expect and waited with anticipation for the scene to materialize. Joe heard you and knows you want to be our little fuck slut." Kristi didn't even pause to reconsider her previous claims. For myself, I was mesmerized at the animalistic fucking taking place between my wife and Derrick.She can keep Derrick and his desires happy, while I keep his love.Kristi is obviously in love with you, but also craves things you have not—and cannot - give her.If this subject matter offends you, then you have been fairly warned.Finally, all characters in this story are of legal age and beyond.

My hand was a blur on my tortured cock, but I didn't care.

I won't be home until next Friday." For some reason, it made me stroke faster.


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