Dating a compulsive liar


To accomplish this, he’ll things in a way that he thinks make him seem cooler to other people.

For example, a compulsive liar might make up a story that he thinks you might like simply to get a positive reaction. Along the same lines, if your partner lies about insignificant things that seem weird to lie about, he has a problem.

There were times even he knew he was lying, but he couldn’t admit it.

Lying was a strong addiction, and it was something I couldn’t make him shake.

Does he describe an interaction with a superior in such a melodramatic and even fanciful way that sounds almost unbelievable?

If so, that’s probably because it He really wants to be liked.

You catch him in lies and you’re tuning onto his embellishments.

If these things are happening, it’s a pretty good indication that the dude you’re dating is a compulsive liar. If your partner can’t meet your eyes when telling you a story, it’s likely that he’s looking away because he knows what he’s saying is 100% untrue.


Compulsive liars will lie about anything and everything.

I couldn’t tell on him or try to send him to some kind of rehab.

Every time I wanted to speak up, I second-guessed myself and realized how crazy I sounded. Here are the signs of a liar I wish I had known before dating one: We all know we should trust our gut instincts.

He’s trying to distract you from his lies with his body language and attempting to hide the fact that he’s uncomfortable about it.

He embellishes the details on just about everything.

Seasoned liars may find tactics to minimize the changes in their stories, but if you pay attention, you’ll catch the differences, however minor they might be.


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