Dating a gibson 4 string tenor acoustic guitar

If you then start at D and count up five notes (D e f g A) you finally arrive at A.The tenor guitar (and the tenor banjo) are thus tuned CGDA which is in "fifths", where the C is the note one octave below middle C and the A is referenced as an A440 because it has a frequency of 440 Hertz (Hz) where 1 Hz is one cycle per second.The tenor banjo's sharp and cutting sonority, partly derived from its tuning in fifths, compared to that of the more mellow six string guitar, was particularly suited to the newly emerging, but still primitive, technology of acoustically recording this type of music onto acetate or metal discs which were then used as moulds for pressing the familiar black discs.It is not surprising, therefore, that some of the earliest tenor guitars were also built by banjo manufacturing companies which they could possibly have seen initially as a way to expand their markets, and then eventually maintain their markets.They were made by several manufacturers, including Lyon and Healy, Paramount and Gibson, who brought out their model in 1924.It was not a successful instrument and not many were made, although examples can still be seen.If you have any vintage gibson guitars that are posted on this site ,you are always welcome to post a review,comment or detailed features ,im sure other guitar players who visit us would love to know ...Domenic : Due to the overwhelming amount of comments on this blog i cannot answer all the questions although id love to .



Although it is now quite hard to pinpoint when the very first tenor guitar was built, and very early models seem to be quite rare, Gruhn and Carter, in their superb book 'Guitars and Other Acoustic Instruments - A Photographic History' state that one of the major instrument manufacturers at the latter part of the nineteenth century, 'Lyon and Healy', whose main guitar brand name was 'Washburn', claimed to have invented the tenor guitar just after the turn of the twentieth century.Because it is tuned in fifths, chord voicings are much more spread out than they are on a 6 string guitar.


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