Dating agency for millionaires www secretsofdating com


In the five years since it was founded in Shanghai, it has opened offices in Beijing, Guangzhou and Nanjing and plans to open one in millionaire-rich Hangzhou later this year.But it is not the only firm trying to matchmake China’s rich.They say money can’t buy you love, but one multi-millionaire in the city has hired an army of 500 matchmakers, psychologists and stylists to help him disprove the adage.Tucked away on the third and fourth floors of a building in Pudong, are the discreet offices of Diamond Bachelor, the largest of China’s new crop of elite introduction agencies.And they have plenty of experience serving rich men,” she adds.


On a “love hunt,” the 38-year-old stands by an elevator in the food court of the Raffles City shopping center in Shanghai’s People’s Square, appraising each young woman that descends.They feel they have missed the golden time in their lives when people were pairing off, which tends to be in your twenties in China.


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