Dating how to make the first move dating site for stoners


Women with authority are seen as bossy, bitchy, or naggy, but men in the same position are seen as leaders.

If women ran things, we’d probably instead have a derogatory term for a man who takes charge. Overthinking in a situation leads you to hesitate and ultimately psych yourself out, and the women of today are masters of that.

If he keeps talking to you, or at doesn't immediately hurry away, then there's definitely interest. the problem is most girls making the first move come on way too strong...

A girl stepping up and taking the guesswork out for us, would be a godsend. If he is talking to you, or approaches you, then assume there's interest.

Finding out how to make the first move is a common situation lesbians find themselves in, especially for those who are just coming out.

Imagine that two women are hanging out and getting along great.

Making the first move is a huge responsibility that we usually leave up to men.

Women let guys initiate sex, ask for their numbers, and take them on dates. What if guys depended on us to take charge and gave us coy glances at the bar while they sipped their strawberry daiquiris?



You put on your bored face, give them one word answers, and keep turning away to look in a different direction, yet they still try to have a conversation and pitifully ask you for your contact info. Ya know I told my girlfriend this last night and she said “yeah and when we show interest in a guy or make the first move we get called a whore” so like I guess there’s always that way of looking at it, which sadly in my mind is the opposite of the truth.


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