Dating mobi wap chat

RND Labs pioneered WAP and USSD dating products in Africa.

We have extensive experience in designing and building across a wide range of technologies on mobile (USSD, WAP, HTML, HTML5, i OS, Android, J2ME and more).

I like the way the main navigation is implemented as tab bar with 4 tabs; browser.

Fixing that was just a matter of going into Mobi Luck’s settings and changing display from “Graphic” to “Text”.

Mobi Luck shows a lot of promise – if they can just make setting your location easy and reliable.

The tabs do look and work great with Opera Mini and Nokia Webkit.

Another thing I like about Mobi Luck is that it’s very easy to sign up using just a phone.

Mobile apps usually cost a few bucks and are usually meant only for mobile use.

The concept of mobile versions are usually an alternative to the main web version.Rn D Labs has successfully partnered with some the biggest names in mobile in Africa such as Vodacom Group, MTN Group, Cell C, Mondia Media, IMIMobile and more.


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