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Although time does not allow for a full genealogy of all the original families, an attempt has been made to provide a brief background on most of the families that came and stayed in Cornwall for several generations.The first number of family names come from the 1798 census, the others come from names drawn from early maps, oral tradition and government records.It is said that the couple immigrated and landed at York Point in 1792., “At the residence of his son-in-law, Mr.John Roper, Charlottetown Royalty, on Monday, 13th inst., Mr. He was an American Loyalist, and emigrated to this Island about 60 years ago.” Jacob Heartz (Hartz); John Jacob Heartz was born in Holland in 1735 (although another source claims that he was born in Germany).William and Jean had many daughters and only two sons, Jacob and William.

Descendants of John Jacob lived in the Cornwall area for many generations. Myers; Jeremiah Myers – the only record of Jeremiah Myers other than the 1798 census, comes from the Younker genealogy. Conrad Younker; Conrad was born in 1773, in Hesse, Germany. The couple was married in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.William’s occupation was listed as Captain, Militia/farmer. It is said that William’s parents were Jacob and Marguerite (Mc Farland), and they had fourteen children. William was a stone cutter and held other government appointed positions and was well respected among the community.


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