Dating someone different from you

In the end, our bodies just want to prevent inbreeding, so we look for a mate with diverse genes in comparison to ours.

He wanted us to brainstorm a better version of how we hooked up.“Can’t we just tell people we met at a book festival? This story would be a complete lie, our little secret. But pop culture oversells the idea of opposites attract. We love when two characters fall in love and we don’t expect them to, or when they shouldn’t. Dating your opposite is, well, the opposite of that, and just as bad. Dating a complement makes us more aware of our own teeth and notches.hen it comes to dating, you’ve probably witnessed your close friends and family unanimously agree that finding a partner exactly like you will bring long-term happiness and success in the relationship.It’s like dipping a chip into a strawberry milkshake and eating it. Dating your opposite can enrich the fabulous person you already are. One of the top reasons for dating your opposite is that you still are allowed to be your own unique self.

Learning and hearing about your partners experiences will also be enhanced as you discover new places, hobbies and yes even new foods! Of course this should be a given for any relationship, but two of the same sometimes makes it easier for you to lose your individuality.The most striking difference between opposites is undoubtedly their personalities, and dating someone with a personality unlike yours can accent your strengths and help improve your weaknesses.


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