Dating usa muslims affairs

I am acutely aware of the potential difficulties that can arise in an interreligious marriage, especially when religious differences between spouses are compounded by racial and cultural differences.


And in Srinagar, once some men had come to our house and they asked Parvez if I prayed. Arun: "We got married in 2012 and very honestly, we've really not faced any challenges.

We have two children - our eight-year-old son Antorik Rahman and six-year-old daughter Ipshita Dutta.

A year ago, when we were trying to get admission for our daughter in the school in which we had enrolled our son, the principal was very confused to see the remarkably different names.

Wasim, a 37-year-old Muslim scientist, and Deottima Dutta, 33, a Hindu. But of course, that's not how people around us thought when we fell in love.

Wasim: "We have never thought of the creator in terms of, 'Who is God? The objection largely came from the members of my community - my neighbours and extended family.There was a lot of trouble, especially at her home. But that said, I have a friend who happens to be a Muslim married to a Hindu woman, and I can tell you they go through hell. Once, we were travelling back from Srinagar airport.


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