Dating violence group activities

or Option 2: Before the lesson, print out pages from Web sites included in the Web site list and distribute to the class as a homework reading assignment. Students should pay particular attention to information that surprised them or that they did not know.Substance abuse in teens is linked with poor decisions, including drunk driving.Jim Yeargan, a former prosecutor and Atlanta-based DUI lawyer, says teens are much more likely than adults to get into an accident while driving under the influence.Not only will the teen have face criminal charges, but also live with the knowledge and memory of such a tragic event. They’ll grow up and, if they don’t get help and leave their habits behind, their own children may be destined to live the same life.


Girls are more likely to turn to alcohol, while boys are more likely to abuse marijuana.

All teens who are involved in abusive relationships are more likely to abuse prescription opioid medications.


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    (Note, provisions on local policy development, which do not have university-wide implications, are described later.) Procedures are the steps used to implement policies and describe how policies will be operationalized.

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