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If you are a single woman and want to start dating Italian men you came to right website.

Easy to find: When using Italiano to start dating Italian men you can get yourself registered as a member of our site and upload your best pictures to your profile.

Dating an Italian is intoxicating in a good way, it’s so easy to get caught up in their passionate natures and endearing accents, just make sure to not completely lose your head and make sure it’s the real deal and not a novelty because past the ‘honeymoon’ phase, the ‘fascino’ of dating someone from a totally different culture tends to fade to the background of everyday life.

You want to pick the right person, not just the right Italian” “Hmmm – well interesting– many of my “dating” experiences were bizarre— as being married or engaged doesn’t matter to most italians as most women are just here on holiday– staying on cramps their Playboy style!


Today's Online Dating Tip for Men - Read Her Dating Profile And Ask Something Related To That.My Matches: When you register on Italiano you will also conveniently receive in your e-mail inbox our exclusive "My Matches" notification.This practical e-mail will direct you to new members of our website in whom you might be interested.So let’s see, there was the one whose name starts with a V, the one I never understood because my Italian was so awful, the one who took me to see the shores of Lake Bolsena at night, and the one taught me how to speak with a Tuscan accent. In short, while the experiences were both lovely and memorable, I’ve dated enough Italian men to know that I don’t want to date an Italian man.


As I’ve come to grips with this complete lack of desire to have a (honeymoon) with someone of Italian descent, I wondered what expats who have dated (or married! So I asked 9 expats what it’s like to have a romance in one of the world’s arguably most romantic languages.— but I did meet a fabulous person, who WAS honest…


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