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Willie, a janitor at Acme Carpet Sweepers Company, is taking a night course in practical psychology. Stevens, runs the company like a machine, and not ...


Once there, views are majestic from the rim-hugging road and up close from muleback while descending to the Colorado River.

Gifts like jewelry, electronics, vacations or any other high-ticket item might seem like a good idea in the moment, but they can quickly derail your relationship.

Spending too much money on someone you’ve only been dating for a few weeks may freak them out. The best presents to give during the first few weeks of a relationship shouldn’t be lavish.

Several specific events within that span show the wrong ways to handle the situation, and one of the right ways.


These situations include who to ask, how to ask her, if he needs to buy her a gift such as flowers, and what to do when he drops her off at the door after the date ...

Add starting a new relationship into the mix and all of a sudden dating during the holidays isn’t much fun.


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    Such a rule did not hold in my time, at least not among the people I knew. The only women any of us ever saw were women that were dating our friends.

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    To avoid the awkwardness of a one-on-one with a stranger, hosts group hangouts so you can get to know a lot of singles without any pressure.

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