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I am truly amazed that there actually are people who think that there are women who would go on dates with men (whom they’re not particularly interested in), just for a “free meal”. We take about an hour to shower and get ready for the date.

We probably go to the hair salon to get a blow out to look pretty.

Of course you may argue that the guy’s time is valuable too. But my point is that we won’t waste HOURS of our valuable time just to score a free meal when we can easily buy our own.

I just read some answers by some men suggesting to ONLY ask a girl out for coffee, to avoid “gold diggers” trying to score “free meals”. Stop thinking that women would go out with men just to score “free food”. It’s a toxic myth spread by “Nice Guys” who are pissed because they didn’t get laid after buying their date dinner.

Very professional, friendly and efficient organization. a) At first I thought I wanted someone 'exciting', like a Ghost of Christmas Present haha; b) then I thought I wanted someone a little bit calmer; c) and now I think I can say I'm looking for someone in between, ie someone exciting but still patient and emotionally understanding.

The 'directors' WERE able to take my feedback each time and find some people who had those qualities.

Before going on a date, I need to spend an hour getting ready, another hour for commute and another two or three hours on a dinner drinks date..

Gym memberships, regular facials, skincare products, makeup and manicures/ pedicures cost a lot of money. As a realtor who specializes in high end luxurious realty, in an hour or two, I can potentially close a deal which makes me anything from a few thousand to a healthy 5 figure sum.Bottom line: If you’re so fearful of being taken advantaged of, then don’t date.



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    She gained popularity for her role of Demon Ruby on the sci-fi TV series ‘Supernatural’.

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