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My page has a Details View control (named "details" on there) and on Page_Load I am binding it to a single item from my table being returned as a Data Table object. App Settings("admin Group")) = False Then 10 ' ' user is not in admin group 11 ' Response. Text Dim conn As New Sql Connection(" I fixed it ..

The problem is that when i type something new into the text box and hit update, and the Item Updating Event Fires, the line where it does the findcontrol (which works) returns the text box, but the text property of this has the data that was in the box BEFORE i changed it on the web page. Note: Ive tried moving the update within the Is Postback section and when i hit buttons the control disappears (which makes sense) so its not that. Redirect("/deals/") 12 ' End If Hi andyboy_uk, You set the custom data source Data Table to Details View, so you have to do inserting or updating manually. I wasnt handling the Mode Changing Event and so new values were not being committed to the control before the Update or Insert Events fired, thus I was getting old values from the textboxes.

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Domain Age Information : The age of the domain shows how long it has been since the name was registered by its current owner.

So when some one clicks on edit button on the gridview, it actually opens detailsview in the Ajax modal pop up.


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