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A horse race, ending in a runaway which proved disa»throus to some man's collar bone, and »ome boy's occiput, and m the evening 'a display of fire-works and a grand ball cloiei the proceedings. After a beaut ful repast j to Pine Bend, where Hon. This was attended to in the usual vij;tirons style, aud all enjoyed themselves, or seemed to, tor the next half four, or longer, after which the crowd disper.sed, having had a good time gen- erally. There arc already some thirty or forty teams at and near St. Qp* Passettgers can rest ensured that there urill be no further trouble in getting into or through Canada. (with laoreasad fae Ultles.) w« oflte to thu «rad« ; ft«9 bbls.

An interesting feature of the exercises wai the booming at intervals of the Bltkely gun, captured at Cheraw. C, by the gallant boys of the First Minneso- ta Artillery, some forty of whom enlisted from this town, and who had ju»t return- ed in lime to' participate in the fetlivities of the day, bringing with them, by the Govoroor's consent, this splendid trophy of their valor. Cloud, ready for the march ; and among those of my last expedition who arc preparing and nearly ready to join me tbe second time. Larnard and Young Llbby, of Anoka, with a dozea or so of their friends in that district.

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Hehai, it last, af- ter miture deliberation arrived at the conclusion that if it hadn^t be m for the mud in the morning, the ext 'cme heat through the day, the unsstisfi.ctory na- ture of the oration, the ioterferonce of the elements with the fire works in the even- ing, ho might have enjoyed Lit iself huge- ly. of a steady tide uf immigration, there is no want of employment.

I'aul I'reta : The "(iiorious Fourth" having come and gone without the occarrer ce of any serious a' cident, your correspo ident feels in doubt whether to give you 1 is impres- sions ol the various events of tie day, or say nothing about it. Tho advices from Montana up t J thc2Stb of May, were of the most important and promis- ing character, announcing many very rich and extensive discoveries of placers and quartz mines during tbe past year, far richer than auv I have ever reported, and that with all the inflw.


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