Friendship romances bookworms dating singles


So, open your heart and take the first step towards your new life on Love Again.

She/he will always know how to coax your stories out of you.

Many libraries also are e Reader capable which means Kindle lovers can check out books right to their devices.

Make sure to have nice lighting that’s easy on the eyes.

It’s OK to try out a genre and find out it’s just not for you.

And especially make sure that your reading nook your favorite place in the house, you’ll want to be there all the time.

If you love books and would like to find a penpal, penfriend or keypal who shares your interest in language, why not post a message here. Favourite Writer: Hemingway Favourite Book: To whom the bell tolls Hobbies: wildlife, trekking Message: Any one who loves creative writing can be my friend.


For example, I’ve always been a fiction gal — meanwhile history books are my Ambien.

We would all be in seventh heaven if we were Belle too.


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