Gale harold and randy harrison dating


She doesn't even live with the guy and they are supposed to been dating since 2006. Fanfraus who know real facts and choose not to divulge them are worst than Gale Harold himself and his straight ass facade.I'm sorry to say this, but Gale is an idiot if he hasn't pressed charges against her. The dessert was vanilla ice cream with freeze-dried red berries and served with coffee. His Ideal Man Currently, Randy Harrison is looking for a new love in his life.

The full scope on the show that's stirring up a major fuss, next on LARRY KING LIVE. I'm somewhat skeptical because if someone ever solicited me to kill someone, I'd call the police. But right now, he's very concerned that the judge didn't just at least sign a temporary order giving Deli guardianship over Rose. All these magazines out, et cetera, et cetera, regular magazines, gay magazines, straight magazines have been talking about a television show. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP, "QUEER AS FOLK") UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No matter how long they're together, even if it's forever, they can never do it raw. I thought there was something really exciting, really dynamic here. And it was a great way to begin my professional career. And any time I can be 200th choice for something and actually get the part, I'm there. They just wouldn't take a lot of the roles that were offered in the show. Later we heard that he was child sitting for a friend and did not go to the emergency room that day nor seek actual medical attention until Tuesday since Monday was a holiday. I always thought it was obvious why they were so anxious to get out of there. According to his performance recent years, who will ever think of giving him an auction or cast chance in a wonderful film.


Although I suppose if Danielle wanted to out him, she would have done so long before now. She consistently lied about her 'relationship' with Gale, going as far to fake a pregnancy, marriage and black eye. Randy is smitten with the current bf and not willing to fuck around wirh Gale these days and for that reason only Danielle got in the door.

They think they know him and they don't want anything to change that. The show would air on the network from April 15, 2013. He should have grabbed the opportunity to put her in prison where she belongs, instead of allowing her to get away with everything scot free. I seriously doubt that he will announce any supposed new love now or anytime in the future.


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