George hamilton dating barbara

Hamilton has enjoyed an incredible career on the track and it seems far from over as he stands head and shoulders above his competition in the Drivers’ Championship.However, he has plenty going on away from racing, and here is everything you need to know…He also responded to a recent Instagram photo of Nicki with a heart emoji – which can surely only mean one thing!Lewis’ most notable ex-girlfriend has been Nicole Scherzinger, 40, who he dated on-and-off from 2007 until 2015.Before Hamilton had gained any sort of notoriety for his racing, he dated Danielle Lloyd back in 2002.Lloyd has dated a number of famous men, specifically sportsmen, and even more specifically, Spurs players, including Teddy Sheringham, Jermaine Defoe and Jamie O’Hara.


The model confirmed that she had a good relationship with Lewis, but denied that they had ever dated.She is currently dating Bulgarian tennis star Grigor Dimitrov.


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