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You can believe me when I say that I know exactly how you feel.

You are here because you have the same radar that motivated my friends to give me this nickname.

And that’s exactly why I signed up on, upgraded my account to a Platinum Membership……and got rejected a few times because of my baby face and my young age. I wanted to send her link to my article about the women in Samara and ask her if she likes it.​I was surprised when I read her reply. I mean, now that I only speak English, her German was better than mine.

It might sound hard to believe, but if you are in your 30s, 40s or even 50s, you have better chances than a 27-year-old guy like me. If I wouldn’t be so damn happy living in Thailand, I would book a flight to Kazan.​ When I looked at her profile, I couldn’t believe that her face is that cute.


It's the leading Russian dating site and has, in comparison with some traditional dating agencies, no hidden costs. Accepting it can be the first step of your journey towards meeting your dream girl.I wonder how long it takes you to win the Russian girlfriend lottery.​She wanted to meet me and she was happy that we still had time to get to know each other. We talked about how much her family means to her, how she wants to show me her city and how bad she wants to meet the man of her dreams.​There’s a stereotype that Russian women don’t speak English. It might have been true ten years ago and I’m sure it was true before the fall of the Iron Curtain. We ended up talking about literature, history and street art.


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