Gps units self updating


Further, several of the updates have fixed some things and broken others!

That is why many around the world are coming to Law Abiding Biker™ Media to get the real scoop, for help, and to stay up to date.


The units also have nice features like an MP3 player, picture and movie player built into it.

All of these truck GPS units feature truck-specific mapping data that contain as many as 700,000 miles of truck restricted roads! Bottom line is that a truck GPS will help you get to your destination, but for safety's sake, remember, you're still responsible for obeying all road signs, bridge heights and restricted areas. Use it to help get you where you need to go....above all drive safely.

Truck routing GPS units are designed to get you from dock to dock safely and efficiently.

The new dezl 560LMT has both free lifetime traffic updates and free lifetime map updates.

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