How to avoid bad decisions dating

To avoid this sneaky trap, “identify three people you trust; come up with three to five questions related to the decision you’re stumped with; then set up a phone call, cocktail, or lunch date with them to gain their input,” Carmichael says.

Even if you don’t follow their advice to a T, she says, viewing your future through others’ lenses helps you discover solutions you may never have come up with by yourself.

A 2019 study found that breathing in a 5-2-7 pattern can lower stress levels and help people make better decisions. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijpsycho.20A 2006 study found that when people are deprived of Zzz’s, they’re more likely to make decisions that aren’t in their (or others’) best interests, since their brains are too exhausted to adequately compute risk.

Trust the wisdom of “sleep on it” and wait until you’re more rested to say yes or no to bigger decisions — as well as temptations.

Emotional reactions are designed to keep us from danger (e.g.

jumping out of an oncoming vehicle’s path rather than pausing mid-crosswalk).

Take another week to research what program or field aligns with your interests and another to factor in deadlines.“The sense of immediacy is good in a way, because it helps us to not get stuck in indecision — we just want to harness and manage it,” Carmichael adds.

”Keeping the future in mind helps you resist the allure of short-term rewards that don’t lead to lasting satisfaction, Carmichael explains.For example, staying involved with someone who makes you feel insecure because you don’t want to feel lonely or accepting a promotion without considering how it’ll limit quality time with friends and family.


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