Intelliscreen not updating weather

If using mobile data, you have to make sure that the Vector App on your phone has permissions to use your 3G connection: On your phone, go to Settings / Mobile Data, scroll down to "Vector" and make sure that it is enabled.Weather updates are being sent as notifications to your watch, so those need to be enabled: On your phone, go to Settings / Notifications, scroll down to "Vector" and make sure that notifications are enabled.Others seem to not have these issues though so who knows.Yes, the devices get slow once you start installing complex themes or lots of hacks.Your i Phone has a "Low Power Mode" that can be enabled / disabled from Settings / Battery / Low Power Mode.



If you killed the Vector Watch app on your phone, please open it again.Please check that background app refresh from you i Phone is on.On your phone, go to Settings / General / Background app refresh and turn it ON as a global setting level.You might want to take a moment to turn any off that you really don’t use. Turn it on, and your weather will always be up to date.

There might be multiple reason why the weather stream is not updating to the latest data on your phone.

First - you should know that this particular stream updates once every hour.


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