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In the photo you can see is Cat and Beck seen in his RV making out, kissing, and sending Cat to the delivery unit because Beck is on top, attaching his thing to Cat's thing, so it's a pretty good chance that Cat and Beck are together, and having babies, and Daniel will soon break up with Cat so Cat can be with Beck happily.Cat seems to be enjoying Beck in the photo, kissing, making out and they are wearing casual outfits such as a satin dresses, and a tuxedo, because Cat and Beck are getting wedded the next day but wearing the same outfits and after having Amanda Caterina Valentine Oliver, their newborn baby girl that has hair of her mother, the intelligence of her father, and half dumbness of her mother." Tori asked."." The hair stylist said."Bye." Tori said.(Tori walks out of the hair and nail place)"Hey Trina can you give me a ride home? " Trina asked."In about an hour." Tori said.(Doorbell rings)"Or now." Tori says while opening the door."Hi." Tori said."You look amazing." Beck said with a smile."Well let's get going." Tori said."Bye guys have fun." Mrs." Tori asked."Ya." Trina said.(Tori, Trina, and Molly leave)"I'm just saying Tori, almost every girl loves Beck or has a crush on him at our school." Trina said while walking in the door."I KNOW! Vega said."Oh he is actually going to pick me up at 7 now, and it doesn't take that long to get ready." Tori said.(3 hours later)"Mom, how do I look? Vega said.(Beck and Tori get in Beck's car)"So where are we going?You already have him." The hair stylist said."Not quite." Tori said."Well we are done now." The hair stylist said."I'm gonna go bet my nails done now." Tori said."Well just sit over there and someone will be with you in just a little bit." The hair stylist said."Ok thanks." Tori said."Hello Tori." The nail artist said."Hi." Tori said."What do you want to do with your nails today?

Vega said.(Tori and Trina get into Trina's car)"So Trina when did you have your first boyfriend? " Beck asked."I don't know how to say this but-Beck leans down and kisses Tori"What was that?

Vega said.(Tori sits by Trina)"So what are you two doing this weekend? Vega said."Well I'm going to the mall with Molly." Trina said."I thought Molly hated you." Tori said."Shut up." Trina said."So, what about you Tori? Vega asked."Well I'm going out on a date." Tori said."And do I know this guy? Vega asked."Yes dad, it's Beck." Tori said."Ok then I'm ok with it." Mr. Vega said.(Tori goes into the mall)"Hey, Tori." Trina said."Hi." Tori said."What store are you going to?

Vega said.(They all finish eating)"Tori, Trina it's almost time for bed." Mrs. " Trina asked."Well I'm going to get my hair and nails done." Tori said."Oh, for your date with Beck tonight." Trina said.(Tori's phone rings)"Well I'll see you guys later." Tori said."Ok, bye." Trina said."Hello." Tori said."Hey, it's Beck." Beck said."Hi, why did you call?

Cat walks off"So, I heard your conversation with Cat over there." Jade said."Yup." Tori said."You and Beck huh?

I've known you wanted this forever." Jade said."Well ya, kinda." Tori said."When's the date, I didn't hear that part of the convo." Jade asked."It's tomorrow at 8." Tori said."What I thought me, you and Cat were going to have our weekly sleepover." Jade said."I know but we rescheduled just come with Cat, she's coming to my house at ." Tori said."That's a little late to be out with a boy don't ya think." Jade said."No…" Tori said."I'm just kidding, well see ya later." Jade said."Bye." Tori said. Vega kiss)"Uck." Tori said.(Tori walks upstairs)"Trina." Tori said."What?Jade walks off"Hey, so Beck told me you guys were gonna go out on a date tomorrow night." Andre said."Ya." Tori said."So did you tell him what you told me? " Andre asked"We kissed." Tori said(Bell rings)"Talk to you later." Tori said."Wait." Andre said.(School Ends)"Mom I'm home, you should make me some dinner." Trina said."Um, I don't think so young lady." Mrs. Trina stomps up to her room"So Tori how are you and Beck? Vega asked."Well, first I was going to try to tell him I loved him then he kissed me and asked me out on a date for tomorrow, then he told me he loved me." Tori said."Are you guys "going out" or just "dating"? Vega said."I think just dating, he said that he has been feeling the same way about "us" being together and being in love." Tori said."Honey I don't think you are old enough to be in love on the first date." Mrs. " Tori screamed."Tori I'm just saying, I mean you have liked him for a while, I know. " Tori screams while doing her happy dance."Hey, I'm home." Mr. " Trina asked hatefully"Never mind." Tori said.(Tori goes up to her room and calls Jade)"Hello." Jade said."Hey, can you talk? " Jade asked."Well no one thinks I should already be in love with Beck." Tori said."I don't really think you are in love with him, I think you just love him." Jade said."See that's what I mean." Tori said."If you really want to be with him you wouldn't let anyone get in your way." Jade said."I know but I don't want people to hate mine and his relationship if there is one." Tori said."Tori, no one will. Vega asked."I have to go get my hair and nails done at 12." Tori said."You've got half an hour." Mrs.


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