Is delta goodrem dating seal

Elsewhere, the Kiss From A Rose singer painted a more affectionate tone, using the ‘L’ word to describe their relationship, while Boy George believed Seal ‘fancied’ Delta. The Voice Australia coach Delta Goodrem has shut-down persistent rumours she was secretly dating SealSeal is an incredibly wise, insightful, kind, wouldn’t hurt a fly and is loving and wonderful,’ the former Neighbours star told the publication this week.

‘It’s real friendship and we have always had that mutual respect and that’s what is beautiful — that we’re long-term people who will always care about friends.’ On the Kyle and Jackie O show earlier this year, fellow coach Boy George implied that Seal had feelings that weren’t reciprocated.

The mum-of-two told Red Table Talk she had just turned 40 when she realised she didn’t want to stay in her marriage any longer.“I think for me the turning point in my relationship is when I turned 40,” she explained.

“I can’t do this, like this anymore.”Will then explained that while on the outside it seemed as if his family was thriving, things weren't nearly as idyllic behind-the-scenes.

Hey @Delta Goodrem , anything we should talk about ?

Want apologise to @Terri Irwin, Sophia Forrest, the unnamed Mexican companion and all my other Aust Magazine lovers. wait, wasn’t i married to my friend @seal or has that ended??


The striking pair – who were photographed locking lips at the TV Week Logies in 2012 – put their relationship on the backburner for years, but now friends say the timing is finally right for them to go public and move forward with their romance.Nick Jonas Delta dated Nick Jonas, 26, for 10 months before splitting in 2002.


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