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On the artistic side, he took part in several school plays wherein he honed his acting skills.

On the sports side, he was (and still is) an avid basketballer and played on his school’s team.

James Lafferty is an American actor as well as a budding producer and director.

He has starred in several TV series and movies including where he played one of the main protagonists, Nathan Scott.

His father’s name is Jeffrey while his mother’s name is Angelica. The actor spent his formative years in California and attended Hemet High School.

As a high schooler, Lafferty was both athletically and artistically inclined.

Lafferty, 31 and yet unmarried, is one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors, by all accounts.

James spent almost two decades of a long time in acting. We don't find it unusual to know about their affairs and relations with various artists and their co-stars.


But, we have few relationships of him which exceeded the boundary of friendship and tagged as love affairs. The 31- aged American actor James dated a few number of girlfriends in his past.

But, still, his personal life is still far from his fans reach. But not all the actors share their personal life with the public.


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