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Cristiano Ronaldo was dating Paris Hilton, when one night he came to some American restaurant with his friends.He liked the local waitress and pretended, he didn’t know English well.

by Zenith Oduah Real Madrid star named in Kim Kardashian’s sex list, Cristiano Ronaldo is named amongst the multiple number of men who’d slept with reality star, Kim Kardashian.When I first heard the gossip that Kim Kardashian and Madrid, Spain's soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo were "dating" I was shocked, already?But, the more I read about this, the more it sounds like an innocent lunch date the tabloids have of course exaggerated. He was born in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal in a big family of Jose and Maria. Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t like to recollect in his mind life in the parents’ house.


The baby got his exotic name after Ronald Reagan, a former U. Jose drunk a lot and every day he came home and fell down asleep. Jose spent most part of that miserable amount for alcoholic drinks and that’s why his four children and wife were hungry very often.It's also (and perhaps mainly) going down dirty with so-called even found over 60 facts that explain how addicted Cristiano Ronaldo is to women.


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