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His annual salary is around .0 to .0 million, bringing his net worth to approximately .0 million.Smith has renewed his contract with Fox News repeatedly with subsequent pay hikes.He didn’t say it overtly, but accepted his sexuality.He addressed the rumors that Ailes had been ousted for homophobic slurs against him, besides the sexual assault allegations.Smith was once married to a classmate from university named Virginia Donald. Smith has reportedly been in a long-term relationship with Fox TV producer, Giovanni “Gio” Graziano.

Now, the journalist has made headlines for an interview where he came out as gay, spoke about Fox News’ former CEO, Roger Ailes and what plans he has for the network that he has been working with for the past two decades.Shep Smith was born in Mississippi to a teacher named Dora Ellen Anderson, and a cotton merchant named David Shepard Smith Sr.


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