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In addition to many more recent deposits, at least two coastal shell middens have been identified that were occupied during the Early Holocene and Terminal Pleistocene.Initial investigation of these sites, including 14C dating and limited excavations at the largest and most intact example (PAIC-44, Cerro Pedregoso), provides an opportunity to address issues related to the nature and antiquity of maritime adaptations along the eastern Pacific Rim, and potentially the peopling of the New World.Abstract: This dissertation details the initial stages of archaeological research on Isla Cedros, Baja California Norte, and addresses hypotheses regarding the nature of island societies, their relationship to neighboring mainland populations, and the degree to which near-continent islands can be described as 'insular,' or isolated and economically self-sufficient.The research combines ethnohistoric documents and previous archaeological and ethnographic research along the Pacific coast of North America to provide the comparative backdrop for the history of Isla Cedros.Father Miguel Venegas’ 1739 Obras californianas is the most extensive and detailed document covering the first forty years of the Jesuit period in Baja California.In addition to providing discussions of historical events, Venegas wrote extensively on the natural world and on indigenous cosmology, social networks, and lifeways.In conceptual terms, the concept of sustained broad spectrum exploitation Chapter 3) provides an alternative explanation for broad-based adaptations.It is possible that an SBSE strategy on Isla Cedros is not only an adaptation to a very rich and diverse environment (Chapter 1), but also a response to the lack of robust economic buffering mechanisms or safety valves for 'excess' population.


However, this article attempts to demonstrate the existence of at least one additional form of watercraft present on the Pacific coast of Baja California, as well as call attention to the greatly underrepresented capabilities of some long-recognized forms of watercraft.

The period of time (1728-1732) covered in this section of the much larger Venegas manuscript details the tragic end of Cedros Island’s indigenous society, but preserves an account of their culture that is of inestimable value.

The annotations included provide not only clarifications of meaning, but critical evaluations of the text and of the significance of particular passages within the larger context of Baja California indigenous and colonial history.

Des Lauriers uses a comparative framework in order to examine both the development and evolution of social structures among Pacific coast maritime hunter-gatherers as well as to track patterns of change.

Because it examines the issue of whether human populations can intensively harvest natural resources without causing ecological collapse, Island of Fogs provides a relevant historical counterpart to modern discussions of ecological change and alternative models for sustainable development.The section translated and annotated here includes the bulk of Venegas’ writing on Isla Cedros and its native people.


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