John cena mickie james really dating Video chat memberships

This whole mess is playing out like a terrible daytime soap opera.

We have the white knight hero who can do no wrong, then decides that he is unhappy in marriage and is going to file for divorce.

Also, James supposedly wanted to keep dating Cena, he was not having any of that, which led to James being shipped to Smack Down and eventually fired.

It sounds like moving to Smack Down is the place to go before you get fired, at least if you are standing in the way of Cena's life.

Like Ambrose and Young, Royce and Spears are separated by rival brands.

However, the WWE did congratulate the pair on their wedding.

Unfortunately, Ruby is not doing much for the World Wrestling Federation at this point, so once again, this couple might still have time for one another.

Peyton and Shawn were the inspiration for this article, as the pair tied the knot over the weekend.The saga of WWE superstar John Cena's divorce just keeps plugging along, with new wrinkles coming out seemingly every single day.


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