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Loved ones confirmed that Leila Hernandez (left) was killed in Saturday's shooting.

Her brother Nathan was also injured in the rampage and is in surgery, according to a Go Fund Me campaign that has raised over ,400 for the Hernandez family as of Sunday morning.

Actress Debra Messing appears to have supported a sign at an Alabama church branding black Donald Trump supporters 'mentally ill.' The Will and Grace star, 51, tweeted 'THANK YOU #Alabama' on Saturday in response to a story about a Baptist church in Birmingham that displayed a sign reading: 'A black vote for Trump is mental illness.' The other side of the controversial sign put on display outside the New Era Baptist contains the message: 'A white vote for Trump is pure racism.'Michael Jordan, the pastor of the local church, told WZDX that he erected the sign in a bid to encourage people to choose a name other than Trump on their ballots next year.

Daxton Kirk, a local Trump supporter, claimed that people 'should not be able to come into a building and feel like you are hated or diversified just because you came here to worship the Lord.' Kirk told the local station that he has contacted the the town's City Hall to see if officials can take action over the sign.

Tiffany Trump has posted a cryptic quote with the words 'You will never know me' to Instagram following her father's alleged comments about her weight gain.

The 25-year-old posted a quote to her Instagram stories by the ancient philosopher Rumi amid claims by a close aide that Donald Trump was embarrassed by his daughter's weight.


Six other residents - one who stepped off the elevator moments before Waisbren, and five who remained trapped inside as he was gruesomely crushed to death before him - walked away from the scene unscathed.Postal worker Mary Granados (top right) was shot and killed when the gunman hijacked her truck.Seventeen-month-old Anderson Davis (bottom right) is also in the hospital after having been struck in the face and chest by shrapnel, according to her mother.While speaking during a campaign stop in Fairfax Station, Virginia, Saturday, not long after news of the mass shooting broke, O'Rourke addressed the situation.

'Not sure how many gunmen, not sure how many people have been shot,' he said.A group calling itself Super Happy Fun America organized the 'Straight Pride' parade in response to the hugely popular gay pride parades that take place in US cities every year.


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