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Maxell) 10 for PLEASE C A L L £25.95 FOR AVAILABILITY S e p t e m b e r just £ 2 1 4 . PRINTERS y j V / V W ^ STAR " PRICES HELD wwv All printers listed have a ten Inch (A4) carriage, are Epson compatible, and feature friction and tractor feed mechanisms for continuous or single sheet paper. Perhaps most useful of all is the directory, which lets you find out details of other Prestel customers, which can be automatically cap- tured for addressing your electronic mail This all costs - naturally, l p per usage of mailbox, plus 4p for receiving a pre-addressed mailbox. Spectrum 3 and for all we know your dad's old Austin 40. • Watch out for the full and definitive CPC review in next month's AA. • All t o g e t h e r n o w : and next they're making another one!

Rather than |ust sending one mailbox frame to one person, whose identity number you must know, you can now send five frames to up to 12 people at a time You will be informed when the mailbox is read, and there's a notepad area which lets you edit and store mailboxes.

Luke: Bo, Boss Hogg is gunna steal the the interwebs!


Further control is helped with a 'booto-meter* (sounds more at home on the terraces than the pitch) which helps you control the power of the kick. A truly Overseas £30.00 Alternative Current issue £1.25 Fanzine CASPELL RIBBON REFRESHER An 8oz can does up to 30 ribbons ONLY £7.95 PER CAN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE |CPM DISC 1 - MACHINE CODE TOOLS Price £6.50 Z80 arxl 8080 assemb'ers. Smali-C Interpreter plus New Sweep |CPM DISC 3 - FILE AND DISC MANAGEMENT Price £6.50 Library utilities. Chess Oihelio G o " Word search Biorhythms Maze generator, O n - s c e e n calculator. Comms utiiitiy sius N e w S w e e p a n d more |CPM DISC 5 - THE BUSINESS Price £6.50 Scrivener spreadsheet Inventory database.

To bring to a successful close a summer that has been an exceptionally active period for the CPC.

Predicted launch date is late November, but after the epic saga of delays on Heroes, beating the time limit set by US Gold could be an adventure in itself. "You name the Marvel character." challenged an Edge spokesperson, "and we probably have a game planned! Spurs superstar Paul Gascoigne has thrown his not inconsiderable weight behind Empire's new football sim Gaz- control of the set pieces and the goalie's movements.

Gazza Super Soccer has a team database which allows you to play any team • Gazza: over 'ere from any English divi On the centre of the son. sion and the Scottish pitch the view is from the Premier. Jackson's fantasy film Moonwalker is being given the US Gold treatment even as you read this, and they claim, somewhat predictably, to be using all the best transformation, battle and chase sequences. Z80 to 8080 10 280 code translator Debugging monitor ana assem tier Reverse assemble- Binary Me comparer plus New Sweep and more CPM DISC 2 - COMPUTER LANGUAGES Price £6.50 Small C. Powerful text editor Soe Mirg checker w t h dictionary Sorter. Comms utility, plus New Sweeo and more CPM DISC 6 and 7 - PASCAL PLUS (Two Discs) Price £10.00 Pascal SCI Cobol EBasic. Expert &6 Powerful text editor, plus New Sweep CPM DISC 9 - COMMUNICATIONS Price £6.50 Mex Kerm t Kermoce Interface and Smart Modem, overlays source code, plus Ncw Sweeo and more PLUS * PLUS * PLUS * PLUS * PLUS Public Domain software s u p p o r t available to WACCI subscribers.

Each team is based on side, but when you get near the that particular squad as it starts goalmouth the perspective switchthe 89/90 season, with varying es to an end-on view to help with skill factors and formations reflecting real life. Well known warbler, hoofer and squeaker Whacko Jacko is about to moonwalk across your screen going "Aow! No doubt US Gold expect tabloids' favourite Jackson's charisma and talent to generate massive sales, but it will be, um, interesting to see whether an essentially musical film can translate successfully into a computer game. Powerful text editor plus New Sweep CPM DISC 8 - MORE COMPUTER1. Mega-big h o m e g r o w n library Send £1.25 for full catalogue and details (E and OE).

High above the seamy streets of GOTHAM, he is a criminals ^ nightmare. • • • • • I L l T O l l i l 3 - s e BATH AH AMSTRAD SPECTRUM ATARI ST AMIGA COMMODORE SPECTRUM ATARI ST AMIGA LINE UP AMSTRAD ACTION • OCTOBER 1989 THE ACTION BEGINS ON 48! DD3950 RHHIJ5 THE Future Publishing Limited 4 Queen Street, Bath BA1 1EJ « 0225 44603 446019 • Editor Steve Carey • Technical editor Pat Mc Donald • Games editor Trenton Webb • Art editor Ollie Aldeiton • Additional design Martin Parfitt • Contributors Emma Broadley, Phil Howard, Stuart Mc Coll, James Wilson, Adam Peters • Photography Stuart Baynes t Publisher Greg Ingham • Production Fiona Milne • Subscriptions Christine Stacey » 0458 7401 I t Mail Order Clare Bates« 0458 74011 • Advertisements Elaine Brooks « 0225 446034 • Distribution Comag C F U T U R E P U B L I S H I N G LTD 1989 /Uwtrarf Acuaa is an im Jepaident pitticatwi The c g n p w y produfag a - FUCiie Pobtetuftj Lid -tosno connection w x b Amsu&j p K We cannot guarantee to leuun natenal subntttodtout. for small business CASS: 34.95 DISC: 39.95 J O B ESTIMATOR: useful t o o l for contractors. 9 5 PRODUCT COSTING: DISC:39.95 Full specifications on all of the above grams on request. 9 5 ADVANCED ART STUDIO - £19.95 RIBBONS Quantity Printer 1 2 5 DMP2000.'2160 3 50 ...6.00 ...14 00 Panasonic 1080'1081 ...3.95 ...7.00....16.00 Citizen 120D 3.95 ...7.00 ...15.00 Slar LC10 (Black) 3.95 ...7.00. % t NEK-LOOK MCRONET GOTO 9 * I • Prestel: g o e s f r o m s t r e n g t h to s t r e n g t h • Brunning Software's Brunword Elite is currently undergoing fine pre-release tuning. a new label instantly noticeable for its dayglo spine.


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