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Tobias Wolff is, of course, now a well-known writer but remembered as a nice, fun-loving kid who did pretty well weathering the constant stress at home while growing up.A number of Concrete residents still resent the portrayal of our town as a back-woods redneck community that harbors child-abusers.But Travis is a man of his own and he had redeeming qualities that made me happy he was able to find what he had been missing. Honestly I am a tiny bit disappointed with this story. No matter how long I stop reading, I will always come back to them.I like how this book ended even though it’s a bit sudden. if the one you love ain't smiling at you over breakfast, you're a failure in the sex department."Pretty good.For two blissful weeks they rode bikes, played baseball, and read out loud to each other.They were ordinary things to Kim, but to Travis, they were oh-so-extraordinary.Unfortunately, the truth hurts & that description pretty much sums up our little spot on the map. Every role he touches becomes gold and this one will shine for a long time.


See more » Although I didn't live there during the time the movie was made I did venture up one afternoon to see what the town looked like as a movie set.

However, to me, how Russell and Clarissa get together might need further elaboration because to me it is so unreal. I don't know why I find myself skimming pages to move on, but lately more and more I do this in books.

But what I really love is that Travis never forgets his first love even though they were separated. One quote that spoke to me: "The only sex that matters is if you make the woman you love happy. I don't know, too much focus on a particular story line, lose interest?

Remarkably, the town looked much like I remembered from my childhood in the 60's and it was a nice journey back in time.


While living in Arizona ('92-2001) I would frequently watch the movie when I was homesick; I enjoyed seeing my old town, my old schools & the surrounding scenic shots.The boy continually gets into trouble by hanging out with the wrong crowd.


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