Mos def dating karrine steffans


Watching him take control of these crazy situations just made me feel even more secure with him.

We continued to live happily as husband and wife, even when people tried their hardest to break us up.

She certainly gets around but she makes it a point to pick guys with huge bank accounts.

Around the time of his breakthrough, Drake met a sexy stripper at King of Diamonds in Miami named Maliah Michel.

But we have to say – she has done really well for herself.

From Kanye West to Wiz Khalifa, she really knows how to pick the rappers with very deep pockets.


Now let’s talk about the CEO of one of the biggest rap labels, the dreadlocked superstar Lil Wayne.

When you listen to a random selection of Weezy’s songs, it’s no secret that he really loves women and has a particularly soft spot for strippers.


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