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He ended up taking a lie detector test to convince the woman he was dating that the rumors were false.In the video below, Gill reveals that the group is heading back to the studio to work on a new album.If Johnny wanted to sing to me anywhere, anytime - I am SO there.Because I'm not crazy and that man could melt a girl with his voice. Close your damn EYES if you can't help but pick apart his looks (& everything else about him) but you can't deny that THAT boy can WAIL like no other!!! It's a shame because even if he is, of what concern is that to anyone? He is in the same bag of punks just like Eddie Murphy, Tyler Perry, Neyo, Bow Wow, Omarion, Chris Stokes, and all of his little B2k friends I just hate that there are so many black men trying to stay on the DL. [/quote] Thank you I'm still wondering myself, why is everyone calling him GAY.Before I pass, it's always been my dream to have him sing a song to me... Okay, I have met him and I don't get any gay vibes from this dude. As far as the hot, and she isn't a white girl..yourselves a favor and get your facts right before you decide to waste 15 minutes of your life on celebrity gossip.I consider his voice to be the absolute BEST male vocalist that exists in the world right now, and I would be blessed...honored...(completely dazed =) to ever have that moment. He's really cool and down to earth..his son is freakin adorable! Him and Eddie have been friends since they were kids. Miami DW[/quote] Well she sure ain't black, thats for sure.


So please keep your ignorant & cruel assumptions to yourself. If he is he sucks at it cause about a year and a half maybe two years ago he found out he had a baby through a paternity test.You don't know her, don't know anything about her, yet you're making all kinds of nasty comments. Gay or not, here's yet another successful Black man who's not with a Black woman. Ladies, we need to take a stand and do something about.


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    Women with authority are seen as bossy, bitchy, or naggy, but men in the same position are seen as leaders.

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    You can even get paid to participate on Free MILF Chat!

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    The console that came between those two heavy hitters though, the Wii U, was not as popular.

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